Galerie Annexe Upcoming Exhibitions

People + Place

2 October – 8 November 2020

A group show of artwork that focuses on people and examines our relationship to the spaces we hold.  This exhibit features works consigned to Galerie Annexe, including new artwork recently acquired from our annual jury process.

Artist include: Andrew Beck, Heritier Bilaka Gail Bourgeois, Roy Brash, MaryAnn Camps, Heidi Conrod, Megan Donovan, Christopher Lea Dunning, Laurena Finéus, Gary Franks, Atticus Gordon, Kate Green, Greta Grip, Joanne Rycaj Guillemette, Meaghan Haughian, Alixe Hysert, Sharon Kelly, Gillian King, Manon Labrosse, Jemimah Lorissaint, Reid Mclachlan, Lynne Morin, Jose Palacios, Jeannie Polisuk,  Susan Ukkola, Tim Watts and Catherine Willis-O'connor.

All works are for sale and rental.


HERITIER BILAKA, In Trance, 2019
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Purchase price: $2,000, Rental price (per month): $60

Acrylic on canvas
Purchase price: $150, Rental price (per month: $30

ANDREW BECK, Magnolias, 2020
Oil on canvas, 36” x 36”
Purchase price: $3,900, Rental price: $98

GILLIAN KING, Grandma’s Rhubarb, 2019
Acrylic and cyanotype on canvas, 3ft x 5ft
Purchase price: $3,800, Rental price (per month): $98


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Heritier Bilaka, In Trance, 2019, oil on . Purchase price: $2,000, Rental price (per month): $60Alixe Hysert, George, acrylic on canvas, Purchase price: $150, Rental price (per month: $30AndrewBeck, Magnolias, 2020, Oil on Canvas, 36x36in, Purchase price: $3,900, Rental price: $98Gillian King, Grandmas Rhubarb, 2019, Cyanotype and Rust on Canvas, Purchase price: $3,800, Rental price (per month): $98