Melanie Adams


Some of the best memories we share as a family are the ones that included our Saturday morning ‘adventures’ to the Ottawa School of Art and downtown Ottawa. Heading into the city from the ‘burbs was much anticipated and our routine often included playing tourist with a post art class walk about the market, or a visit to a gallery, museum or theatre.   Sharing visual and performing arts with my children was and continues to be, an important part of our family culture.  Their art classes opened the door for thoughtful  conversations, new friendships and a healthy collection of clay pots!

My son graduated with a degree in fine arts and my daughter continues to use her creative side as a way to nurture her soul. I like to think their early exposure to the arts in some way shaped how they view and participate in the world today.

I joined the Board of the OAG as a way to pay it forward, to ensure that other children  and families have the opportunity develop their skills for self expression and gain a broader perspective of their world. My desire is that the OAG becomes the catalyst for ‘adventure’ and memorable moment for others.

Register for March Break Art Camp HERE! Deadline is February 24