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Artwise Senior Council


ArtWise gives older adults in the Ottawa region the opportunity to collaborate with peers and create OAG programming that reflects their interests, draws on their experience, and promotes intergenerational engagement with the arts.

ArtWise meets regularly as a volunteer programming council to discuss art, society, and the issues that matter most to the group.

Working with gallery staff, local artists and invited guests, the ArtWise council proposes and initiates programming, including lectures, exhibition projects, field trips, workshops and events.

how to join

ArtWise aims to attract a wide range of people who enjoy sharing their interests with others in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Membership in ArtWise requires a one-year commitment and is open to anyone who is interested in culture and self-identifies as an older adult in the Ottawa region.


For more information email or call 613-233-8699 +227.

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