Come to the Jackson Café to discover two large murals, featuring the digital artwork of Eric Chan (aka eepmon).

Through explorations of motherhood, nature, music, and bare emotional and physical truths, this exhibition shows the diverse ways that Black, Caribbean, and African artists (within the Ottawa-Gatineau region) express rest while altering the art landscape. Their voices provide dialogue on the 7 different types of rest (sensory, emotional, social, spiritual, physical, creative, and mental) through various media, including paintings, sculptures, and poetry.

This piece is a digitization of a birch bark biting that has then been reproduced through risograph printing. The biting can be interpreted as chickadees flying around flowers.

Welcome to 83 ‘til infinity, where we see, hear, and move with stories and experiences of hip-hop in the Ottawa–Gatineau region that flow from decades-long conversations about the craft and values of hip-hop's five pillars: breaking, emceeing, DJ-ing, graffiti, and knowledge.

This retrospective exhibition highlights the work of Ottawa-based artist Norman Takeuchi. Together, an array of drawings, paintings, and prints spanning the years 1961 to 2022 demonstrate the continuity of his artistic rigour.

2023 marks the Ottawa Art Gallery’s 35th anniversary as an organization and five years in the new OAG building. In celebration of these milestones, this exhibition features a selection of recent historical acquisitions, drawing on works created before 1988 and acquired in the last five years.

Drawing on pieces from the Ottawa Art Gallery’s holdings of works by Flood—88 of which were acquired in 2016 as part of a large donation from Frances Flood —this exhibition presents a selection of the artist’s works from the early 1930s up to the time of his death in 1946.

Al Asnaam: The People Participating Seismometer (1980) epitomizes Geuer’s belief that the closer we can come to understanding the physics of our environment, the more we will appreciate our responsibility to it. The work consists of a horizontal pendulum that is calibrated to react to seismic activity in the bedrock.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Karina Kraenzle | Déjà vu

In her series, Déjà vu, artist Karina Kraenzle reorganizes found photographic images of the body and classical sculpture to create new forms in three-dimensional space.

Art + Parcel: A Holiday Sale

Galerie Annexe will present a group exhibit, by regional artists of original artwork priced under $1,000.00. The OAG Shop focuses on unique Canadian-made gifts such as ceramics, jewellery, homeware, kids crafts, art prints, books, and much more.

Capital Creates

This exhibition is a celebration by current Guild members of the places we inhabit, and what inspires us about where we live, work, and create. 

Past Exhibitions

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exhibition archives: 1987-2021

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