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This exhibit unites the featured artists through their shared exploration of the use of textiles in their practice. Whether it serves as inspiration, subject, process, or the very foundation of their work, textiles become an avenue for these artists to delve into the close connections we share with tactile materials.

This work delves into the beauty of flowers and their Fibonacci connections, as well as cosmic fascination and intertwining Earth and lunar rhythms.

Through the Ground Glass is a dialogue between the work of historical Ottawa photographer William James Topley and six contemporary artists: Lori Blondeau, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Anique Jordan, Neeko Paluzzi, Adrian Stimson and Geneviève Thauvette. These artists engage with image manipulation, hauntology, costumes and theatricality to subvert narratives and reclaim power through portraiture.

Art School Confidential celebrates five decades of Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa, representing the work of 50 artists who have taught and studied in the historic building located at 100 Laurier East since 1974.

The Firestone Collection of Canadian Art is a significant art collection that spans the modern period and includes work from a wide range of Canadian art styles, geographical regions, and periods. The two largest themes represented in the collection are landscape and abstraction.

Come to the Jackson Café to discover two large murals, featuring the digital artwork of Eric Chan (aka eepmon).

This piece is a digitization of a birch bark biting that has then been reproduced through risograph printing. The biting can be interpreted as chickadees flying around flowers.

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