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Visitor Policies


Photo : Lindsay Ralph
  • Photography is permitted unless otherwise noted.
  • Video recording and the use of flash or tripods are prohibited.
  • Strollers are permitted in galleries.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the exhibition galleries. Food and drinks are permitted only in the café, hallway seating areas and terraces.
  • Pencil sketching is permitted in the galleries; however, the use of pens, quill pens, ink and watercolour is prohibited.
  • Touching artworks is not permitted, with the exception of touch tours and artworks designated as tactile.

Photography Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in conducting a photoshoot at the Ottawa Art Gallery. As a public space, we do not offer private rentals of the main gallery spaces. If you choose to take photos in the OAG, please respect the following guidelines:

Photo : Chris Snow
  • Our gallery is open to the public by donation, so we respectfully ask that you make a donation when you arrive
  • Tripods and standing lights are not allowed in the space, as they are a trip hazard
  • We request that you limit photography time to 1-2 hours, and at all times keep in mind the experience of other guests in the gallery. We are a public space, intended for public use, and we don’t want our visitors to feel that they are “in the way” at anytime.
  • A Facility Rental agreement is required if you need more that 1-2 hours for your project and if your party size is more than 6 guests.
  • Due to varying copyright agreements with artists, commercial photography is not permitted in the exhibition spaces (photography for personal use is allowed)
  • NO consumption of alcohol is permitted during the photoshoot

OAG is Open from 10 AM to 6 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday | from 10 AM to 9 PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Admission is always FREE. Register for Summer Art Camps!