Mount Thule, Bylot Island

Lawren S. Harris

BIRTH PLACE Brantford, Ontario
DEATH PLACE Vancouver, British Columbia

Lawren S. Harris is best known for his paintings of the Canadian landscape. He studied art in Germany from 1904 to 1907, and upon returning to Toronto, began to apply modern European artistic techniques to his work. He was a founding member of the Group of Seven in 1920, and he and the other painters took frequent trips into the backwoods of Northern Ontario to capture the landscape. Harris travelled to the Arctic in 1930 and found the inspiration for this painting, one of his last representational works before he turned to complete abstraction. Lawren S. Harris est surtout connu pour ses peintures du paysage canadien. De 1904 à 1907, il a étudié l’art en Allemagne. À son retour à Toronto, il commença à utiliser les techniques artistiques européennes dans ses tableaux. Membre fondateur du Groupe des Sept en 1920, il a souvent voyagé avec d’autres peintres dans l’arrière-pays du nord de l’Ontario pour y esquisser le paysage. C’est lors d’un voyage dans l’Arctique en 1930 que Harris fut inspiré à peindre ce tableau, l’une de ses dernières pièces figuratives avant son virage vers l’abstraction totale.

MEDIUM Oil on canvas
DATE 1930
DIMENSIONS 101.6cm x 92.1cm x 2.5cm
CREDIT LINE Firestone Collection of Canadian Art, the Ottawa Art Gallery Donated to the City of Ottawa by the Ontario Heritage Foundation
Deep hues of blue depict a body of water in the foreground and rounded mountains rising from the water, set against a range of white, jagged peaks in the background. A large blue and cream cloud floats above the range in the deep blue sky.

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