Ottawa Valley in Winter

Graham Norwell

BIRTH PLACE Edinburgh, Scotland
DEATH PLACE Sainte-Agathe, Quebec

What is your favourite thing about winter? Do you enjoy the snow and the crisp cold air? In this work on paper, Scottish-born Canadian artist Graham Norwell captures the beauty of a winter day in the Ottawa Valley. Overlooking a bright blue body of water, the rocky scene is painted with simplified forms and conveys a strong sense of atmosphere, a hallmark of the artist’s style. Norwell, who studied under Arthur Lismer at the Ontario College of Art before moving to Ottawa in the early 1920s, often painted en plein air and is widely known for his wintery landscape scenes.

MEDIUM Watercolour and graphite on textured paper
DATE c. 1924
DIMENSIONS 46.7cm x 33.7cm
CREDIT LINE Firestone Collection of Canadian Art, the Ottawa Art Gallery Donated to the City of Ottawa by the Ontario Heritage Foundation
A winter landscape. A snow-covered, rocky land resides in the foreground, topped with evergreens and bare tree branches. A body of blue water sits in the mid-ground, surrounded by rounded, snow-covered hills. The sky is a gradient of blue to yellow as it approaches the horizon.

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