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The Dogface Boys - On the Cliff

Sherry Grauer

BIRTH PLACE Toronto, Ontario
MEDIUM Oil pastel on paper
DATE 1974
DIMENSIONS 73.7cm x 58.7cm
CREDIT LINE Firestone Collection of Canadian Art, the Ottawa Art Gallery. Donated to the City of Ottawa by the Ontario Heritage Foundation
An oil pastel drawing depicting five figures with clothed human bodies and animal (dog) heads, standing on a green grassy bank in the foreground with a body of bright blue water filling the background. A figure with a grey dog head is climbing on a tree with bare branches at the edge of the bank. Two more figures with beige and white dog heads are standing to the right of a large tree stump with suckers growing up all around it on the left side of the page. The last two figures with light and dark brown dog heads are in the foreground on the lower right side. The dark brown headed dog is holding a yellow bicycle and long brown stick.

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