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Yellow Sky

Pat Durr

BIRTH PLACE Kansas City, Kansas

What words, symbols, and forms can you find in this painting? Painter and printmaker Pat Durr explores the symbolic meaning of the ordinary in this vibrant work titled Yellow Sky. Part of a body of work called “Graffiti – Marks of Life,” this abstract piece was created during the peak of Durr’s exploration into the use of symbols. Expressive brushstrokes over a deep blue ground deal with the unknown aspects of life and highlight Durr’s interest in pushing the boundaries of form. Arriving in Ottawa in 1964, Durr became one of the first women to work in Abstract Expressionism in the city where she continues to live and work.

MEDIUM Acrylic , mixed media on cotton canvas
DATE 1985
DIMENSIONS 167.6cm x 241.9cm x 4.4cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of the artist, 1995
An abstract image with an animal figure and shapes painted with loose brushstrokes over a dark blue background. Clouds of red, yellow and white are spread around the top and left half of the image. "Yellow Sky" is written in the top right corner.

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