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Incitement (Kirk Douglas Pose)

Eliza Griffiths

BIRTH PLACE London, England

Fictional narrative is a tool used by artists to address socio-political issues such as identity, class, race and gender. Formerly of Ottawa and now based in Montreal, Eliza Griffiths is a formidable painter who creates such characters to explore relational power dynamics. Striking dark-eyed figures are caught mid-narrative, and the filmic quality of the compositions leads viewers to question what may have happened both before and after. These highly charged intimate moments most often revolve around female protagonists, and speak to vulnerability, love, desire and agency.

MEDIUM Oil on canvas
DATE 2003
DIMENSIONS 203.5cm x 229.2cm x 4.8cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: purchased with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance program, OAG's Acquisition Endowment Fund and OAG's Art Rental and Sales Service Volunteers, 2004
A painting of two figures, one on the left wearing a pink coat and the other on the left wearing a blue-purple coat (clothing). The figure in pink has light grey-brown hair and is looking at the viewer, while the figure in blue has dark brown hair and is in profile looking up to the left. The background is a mix of orange, pink, beige, and black.

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