For Love

Justin Wonnacott

BIRTH PLACE Belleville, Ontario

How do you see your city changing? For Love tackles some of photographer Justin Wonnacott’s favorite subjects: Ottawa’s history and everyday urban spaces. In this digital photo-montage originally commissioned for the O-Train’s Bayview station in 2001, Wonnacott juxtaposes an image of graffiti that had been painted over while the station was being built, with a red flag from Parliament Hill and paper birds from above his daughter’s bed. The work reflects on what is lost through urban development, from artistic outlets to natural habitats.

MEDIUM Lightjet print mounted on plastic
DATE 2002
DIMENSIONS 104.1cm x 156.2cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of the artist, 2008
Photocollage of train tracks, a wall of graffitti art, a red flag, paper birds, blue sky and the words " for love" superimposed.

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