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Dépôt central [Central Depot]

A & B Associés

MEDIUM (A) Sculpture (B) Pastel on paper
DATE n.d.
DIMENSIONS 91.4cm x 61cm x 30.5cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2009.07.03a-b
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery; gift of Alex and Anne Wyse, 2009
a: A maquette of miniature steel girders surrounded by fencing sits on a cement base. One end of the fenced in area has an open gate, while the opposite end of the fence is missing. Patches of vegetation sprouts from the floor, and the sculpture resembles an abandoned construction site. b: A pastel drawing of a white folding chair. The chair is in a space squared off with railings. To the bottom left of the chair is a green soda can and two rolled up papers. To the right of the chair, resting on the upper rail is a yellow construction hat. The background is comprised of browns, grey and black.

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