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Barbara Gamble

BIRTH PLACE Trenton, Ontario

Artist Barbara Gamble’s work, Parkland, engages with ecological concerns in suburban Ottawa. Known for her interest in the natural world, Gamble completed this work in 1995, a year after spearheading a campaign to ban pesticides and naturalize a barren area of the community park in her neighborhood. In this mixed media work, a grid scratched over a painted map of the park illuminates both the damage caused by rigid suburban development and the planning required to rehabilitate the natural site. Gamble also includes a note of hope: a small circle featuring a daisy, one of the flowers indigenous to the park, recalls a medal of accomplishment.

MEDIUM Mixed media on aluminum on steel
DATE 1995
DIMENSIONS 103.5cm x 86.4cm x 1.9cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of the artist, 2009
An aerial image of a topographic grid map painted entirely in green. The irregular green shape takes up 3/4 of a grey background. In the bottom left corner of the image is a small circle with grid lines with an image of wildflowers underneath.

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