Nude Male Figures with Fish & Squid (Reves de la Mer Series)


BIRTH PLACE Niagara Falls, Ontario
MEDIUM Colour photo copy covered by a second colour photo copy on paper
DATE 1980
DIMENSIONS 21.6cm x 35.6cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Glenn McInnes and Barbara McInnes, C.M., 2011
A photocollage featuring a nude man. He is stretched out vertically in the image, facing the viewer. His feet are cross at the ankles, and his arms are at his sides, his face is turned to face the right hand side and his eyes are closed. He is wearing an open white shirt with voluminous sleeves. There are impressions of his skin as if he is being photographed while pressed against glass. Behind, in a horizontal box are two fish. There is a dark gray wash over the center of the image.

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