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Portrait of Barbara McInnes

Hans Mettler

MEDIUM Digital Photocollage on paper
DATE 2005
DIMENSIONS 111.8cm x 233.7cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Glenn McInnes and Barbara McInnes, C.M., 2011
The photocollage is divided into three horizontal sections, all of which show images of the same subject - a figure with chin-length, curly gray hair. The top section is coloured bright red over the photograph of the subject's face with their eyes either closed or looking down. The central section is a kaleidoscope montage of the subjects head with different facial expressions. The bottom section shows the subject in B&W holding a stemmed glass in one hand and reaching for the necklace with the other. They are looking away from the camera and smiling. The image is repeated twice in the bottom section as a mirror image much in the same style of the central section.

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