WiS (Water in Suspense)

Juan Geuer

BIRTH PLACE Soest, Holland
DEATH PLACE Almonte, Ontario
MEDIUM Apparatus with peristaltic pump, laser light and water
DATE 1999
DIMENSIONS 250cm x 245cm x 186cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2013.04.20a-f
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Else Geuer-Vermeij, 2013.
A mixed media installation of a spare metal frame, supporting a peristaltic pump with plastic tubing and a laser light reflecting a orange beam on the wall, fenced with transparent boards. At the back of the room is a lamp with blue light. The pump is calibrated to deliver a minute amount of water through the tubing, to form a single droplet of water to drip from a pipette at the end of the tubing. The droplet is positioned in front of the warm orange beam of the laser and is projected a microscopic scale of a gradually swelling and falling droplet of water to a magnified scale onto the wall in a darkened room. At the same time the viewer may also see the outline of their own shadow cast by the blue light at the back of the room. WiS is an acronym for “water in suspense.” This installation attempts to connect the viewer with the invisible qualities of the natural world; engaging them in hidden phenomena such as the microcosmic beauty of a drop of water mingled with light.

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