Juan Geuer

BIRTH PLACE Soest, Holland
DEATH PLACE Almonte, Ontario
MEDIUM Mixed media, metal and found objects
DATE 2007
DIMENSIONS 227cm x 230cm x 175cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2013.04.22a-f
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Else Geuer-Vermeij, 2013.
A mixed media installation composed of a collection of found objects including a metal frame in the center with a sheet of metal on each side, and in front is a metal stand with a long tall glass tube with a chrome plated shut-off valve on top. In front of the stand is a wooden prayer stool. It was based on Pablo Neruda’s poem “To the Dear Poor Man,” and the line from this poem “[h]ow many people does our dead one weigh?” This piece is also called Mega(lomania) by Geuer. The work uses a poetic premise to engage with the state of humanity in a globalized world and the destructive side of humanity. Geuer examines our sense of self, and our relationships and responsibilities towards one another.

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