Rock Heist

Juan Geuer

BIRTH PLACE Soest, Holland
DEATH PLACE Almonte, Ontario
MEDIUM Steel structure with electrical and a paper screen
DATE 2000
DIMENSIONS 170cm x 206cm x 220cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2013.04.23a-g
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Else Geuer-Vermeij, 2013.
An interactive installation in which the observer can walk between two mirror photographic transparency of a large live scale image of the quartz rock cut, taken in the Ontario wilderness. Each transparency is mounted on a box and back lit. The box is mounted on metal stand at eye-level and is facing each with a metallic passway between. The sound components are from a stethoscope-like instrument below the metallic passway, which echoes the footsteps of the viewers as they walk on the path and a rumbling sound as the observer stands between the images The sounds increase the viewer’s sense of literally being embedded in the rock. Through this work, Geuer attempts to displace the viewer in order to renew our sense of self and place. By placing us directly in the rock, he forces us to consider our relationship to earth and its movements.

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