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Artists and Victims

Juan Geuer

BIRTH PLACE Soest, Holland
DEATH PLACE Almonte, Ontario
MEDIUM Teeter totter with two seats, metal structure, double sided mirror with window in between
DATE 2004
DIMENSIONS 185.4cm x 218.4cm x 94cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2013.04.28a-i
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Else Geuer-Vermeij, 2013.
An interactive installation in which the viewers enters through a naked steel doorframe and see their reflection in a mirror behind tangled spikes of a WWII radar antenna across in the dark corner of the room. Above hanging from the celling is a red laser interferometer (in a form of a gun) records the motions of the cell walls, when the viewer moves into the space the laser casts the moving interference patterns on the gallery’s wall above the corner mirror as blood red hieroglyphs. This work explores a sinister side of the “self” in its exploration of a sense of unease and notions of political unrest and Human right violations.

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