Feu Rouge

Juan Geuer

BIRTH PLACE Soest, Holland
DEATH PLACE Almonte, Ontario
MEDIUM Steel and mirrors
DATE 1986
DIMENSIONS Installation
ACCESSION NUMBER 2013.04.33a-e
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Else Geuer-Vermeij, 2013.
A large installation is structured in a hallway. At one end of the hallway, a Helium Neon laser and a large corner mirror are installed in the center. At the other end of the hallway, is a small corner mirror in the center, positioned in front of a large steel stop-sign shaped screen, which directs the beam from the laser back to its origin. The reflected beam is re-reflects again from the larger corner mirror back to the stop sign again. As the viewer walk into the hallway, the interferences of the laser light between the corner mirrors, is effected by the density variations in the air as their body heat is translated as images of red flaming motions on the stop sign. This work makes visible the body heat emitted from one person. Geuer’s art installations awaken viewers to their personal impact on the earth and in the atmosphere in a tangible way. Through providing this awareness, he also passes on a level of responsibility to each person for his or her impact on the environment.

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