My Favourite City Mangshi

Art Price

BIRTH PLACE Edmonton, Alberta
DEATH PLACE Toronto, Ontario
MEDIUM Rice paper scroll
DATE 1991
DIMENSIONS 640cm x 27.9cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Rene Price, 2015
A rice paper scroll filled with coloured conceptual sketches for a sculptural installation on black backgrounds. The first section of the scroll is titled: TO MY FAVOURITE CITY *MANGSHI* (FOR 1993 JULY) A LASTING COMMEMORATIVE BY ART PRICE (canada) That is followed by a list of specifications for the installation. The following section (titled: CONCEPTS ONLY - NO FINISHED DESIGNS) shows a series of white sketches on black background that are numbered and illustrate the various components of the installations. Following that are the coloured sketches, on black background, of the individual components. At the end is a coloured sketch (no black in background) on a piece of paper laid vertically across the scroll. It pictures a tall cylindrical tower with a spiral stair case and row of windows. Titled: THE LOOKING WATCH-TOWER" 40m TOTAL HEIGHT UP on the inside DOWN on the outside At the bottom of the paper is printed: "HOMAGE TO BURMA-CHINA RELATIONS"

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