The Thief`s Sun

Melanie Authier

BIRTH PLACE Montréal, Quebec

What do you see when you look at this work? Melanie Authier’s paintings are like a burst of energy, where opposing elements of chaos and clarity create unlikely environments. This abstract acrylic painting, titled The Thief’s Sun, exudes a dream-like quality — detailed bits seem to peak through gestural strokes, hinting at something almost recognizable. Previously based in Ottawa, where she taught painting at the University of Ottawa, Authier now lives and works in Val-des-Monts, QC.

MEDIUM Acrylic on canvas
DATE 2016
DIMENSIONS 91.4cm x 104.1cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: purchased with the support of the Elizabeth L. Gordon Art Program, 2016
A vibrant abstract painting with predominant turquoise tones. A mass of intertwined colors are present on the left middle side. The background presents fluid brushstrokes. Muted colors are present in the lower middle part and seem to be circled by a loose and bright turquoise oval shape. On its lower part, a triangular shape, presenting mix of colors, contrast by the sharpness of its edges. A geometric element on the bottom right center presents contrasting bright yellow/green tones. It is overlapping with the loose oval shape and the triangle shape.

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