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Alpine Series #1

Michael Sproule

BIRTH PLACE Ottawa, Ontario

Look out over this alpine view. Can you feel a sense of movement? In Ottawa-based artist Michael Sproule’s Alpine Series #1, bold expressive lines convey the glacially carved geography of a mountain peak in BC’s Akamina Kishinena Provincial Park. Vibrant oranges, browns, and purples swirl together against a bright daylight sky to highlight the uplift and erosion of the earth’s crust, which formed the mountains many millennia ago. Representative of the artist’s turn to Western Canada in the early 1990s, this work is also indicative of Sproule’s larger artistic practice, which reflects an interest in the geological phenomena that underlies the ever-changing Canadian landscape.

MEDIUM Oil on canvas
DATE 2003
DIMENSIONS 162.6cm x 149.9cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of the artist, 2016.
The image depicts a dramatic and colourful mountain landscape defined by prominent black outlines. There is a mountain ridge with jagged peaks along the central portion of the image, with snow and ice fields on the slopes to the left. In the center of the image there is a swirling blue pool. Jagged mountaintops are seen in the background under a bright blue and white sky with wisps of cloud.

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