Screen No. 2

Norman Takeuchi

BIRTH PLACE Vancouver, British Columbia
MEDIUM Acrylic on linen
DATE 1967
DIMENSIONS 81.9cm x 99.7cm x 2.5cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Norman Takeuchi, 2016
A painting opposing patterns, geometric forms and a realistic figure. A blue shape is present on the bottom part and arises to the upper part. It is constructs as a reflection, presenting to almost identical sides affixed in their center. Over the element, a semi-figurative silhouette presents a simplified magenta torso with a realistic face. Half of the head is hidden behind a colorful configuration of forms and patterns. The composition occupies the entire upper part of the painting. It presents oblique green light on a violet tones background. In the middle, a light blue triangle seems to arise from the silhouette's face. On each side, patterns of yellow flowers are depicted.

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