A Canadian Revelation

Tim desClouds

BIRTH PLACE Montréal, Quebec
MEDIUM Mixed media
DATE 1998
DIMENSIONS 144.8cm x 132.4cm x 23.5cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2018.10.10a-c
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Mr. Pierre Luc St-Laurent, 2018
A mixed media work with a heavy, wooden box frame painted in a muted blue. The frame is divided horizontally to create two shadow boxes (top larger than bottom) and has a small shelf along the bottom edge which holds various parts of the artwork: folded newsprint hats, a toy metal car attached to a metal instrument and a clown light box. In the top frame, a picture (in oil pastel?) of various circus figures is featured in a green field with a deep blue sky in the background. In the middle ground on the right is a large billboard that pictures a green field and blue sky. There is a man with an easel standing in front of it. A small plane trailing a banner is in the sky on the left. The picture has a plain wooden frame around it. A decorative piece of wood molding is attached to the inside top edge of the outer (blue) frame. The bottom frame of the work has a similar plain wooden frame inserted on a yellow background. Raised lettering reading: CANADIAN ART is across the middle, with a red decorative scrollwork at each end.

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