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Untitled (Qualicum Beach)

Robert S. Hyndman

BIRTH PLACE Edmonton, Alberta
DEATH PLACE Ottawa, Ontario

Take a breath and soak up the sunshine in this bright summer scene painted by artist Robert S. Hyndman. Known for his portraiture, landscapes, and work as an official WWII war artist, Hyndman’s career spanned over 70 years. His landscapes, like this coastal scene of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island in July 2004, are often rendered in vivid colour and reflect the artist's deep love of nature. This work is one of several scenes of Qualicum Beach Hyndman painted throughout his later career.

MEDIUM Oil on canvas
DATE 45111
DIMENSIONS 76cm x 63cm x 2.5cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of Brydie Hyndman and Margot Mann, 2018
A coastal landscape scene painted in bright, cool hues of blue, green brown, mauve and white. The foreground is occupied with wood debris and grasses. A wide beach with small tide pools and channels in the middle ground, along with figures and a dog (animal) along the edge of a wide body of water with small, choppy waves. In the distance, hazy blue mountains run along the horizon with a puffy white layer of clouds just above them. A vivid blue sky is painted in the top quarter of the image.

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