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Mind Map Ottawa - Five Cardinal Points

Meredith Snider

BIRTH PLACE Fredericton, New Brunswick

How do we visually organize information and document experiences? Mental maps are used by behavioral geographers to record the subjective qualities of a place, and artist Meredith Snider has produced a conceptual map in that vein. To create this work, Snider used the area around the Ottawa Art Gallery and the University of Ottawa as a central point of departure, driving a rental car along five different routes up to 100 km in each direction. Relying upon memory, she then recorded the geographies she encountered during these trips in ink and graphite, extending our understanding of the mapping of this place.

MEDIUM Graphite and ink on paper, six sheets of Stonehenge paper hand- sewn
DATE 2013
DIMENSIONS 279cm x 249cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: purchased with the support of the Elizabeth L. Gordon Art Program, 2019
The image depicts the artist's interpretation of a map of the Ottawa region showing rivers and roadways from a birds eye view. The background is black, with the roads and rivers white or lightly tinted with blue, yellow, and green.

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