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Long Distance

Christos Pantieras

BIRTH PLACE Ottawa, Ontario

What is the relationship between queer culture, language, and the internet? In Long Distance, Christos Pantieras creates “a visual measurement” of a two-week email correspondence from a past relationship, taking virtual interactions beyond the intangible spaces of the internet. The emails are impressed onto wax-coated paper and bound together to form an undulating scroll that unspools from the typewriter. Based in Ottawa, Pantieras’ installation work often uses language from emails, text messages, hook up platforms, and social media as a starting point to unpack how relationships, communication, intimacy, and identity are navigated online.

MEDIUM Typed text from sourced e-mails, paper dipped in wax, wick, oil stick, and typewriter
DATE 2009
DIMENSIONS 33cm x 154.94cm x 436.88cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2020.02.06a-b
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of the artist, 2020
A sculptural installation consisting of a black and yellow typewriter and wax covered sheets of paper, twined together with waxed threads, creating a long undulating scroll.

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