Impress Me

Christos Pantieras

BIRTH PLACE Ottawa, Ontario
MEDIUM Hammered paper and wooden tables
DATE 2005-2009
DIMENSIONS 1099.82cm x 90.17cm x 41.91cm
ACCESSION NUMBER 2020.06.01a-mm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: donated by Mark Schaan, with additional support from a community of queers, lovers and friends, in honour of his 41st Birthday
An installation presenting text sourced from e-mails hammered onto 34 sheets of paper. The sheets are presented on an alignment of six custom reading tables. Text from past e-mails is hammered using alphabetized metal rods, leaving an impression onto the paper support. From OS: The text impressed into the surface of the sheets represent only one side of the dialogue – those e-mail messages sent as replies – revealing only one half of the correspondence to the viewer. The installation is read from left to right, and what begins with clearly legible text on the first pages slowly devolves into illegibility the further the viewer moves down the sequence

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