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Geneviève Thauvette

MEDIUM Hand painted chromogenic print on paper
DATE 2010
DIMENSIONS 78cm x 50cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: Glenn and Barbara McInnes, 2020
A photograph depicts the interior of a house with five life-sized cardboard cutouts of the artist wearing a white dress and a veil. The cut outs are self-portraits of the artist. The foreground presents two of the cutouts positioned in front of a staircase. One is holding two Canadian Red Ensign flags while looking up. The other figure joins her hands looking directly at the viewer. On the left, in the background, three cut outs stand, aligned, on the stairs. The left figure is looking away, holding a flag. The middle one is looking up in a distance while the right one, also holding a flag, is looking away, towards the right. A large light sign reading "ON AIR" (text) hangs from the ceiling, above the room. The composition is mostly monochrome, with contrasting hand-painted red elements, such as the sign and flags.

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