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Be a New Man in Just One Week

Russell Yuristy

BIRTH PLACE Goodeve, Saskatchewan
MEDIUM Ink on cardstock
DATE 1973
DIMENSIONS 65.8cm x 51.6cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: gift of the artist, 2021
A drawing done in black ink on a white background that depicts a figure with outstretched arms in the center, standing on top of a rounded triangle structure. The structure has seven sections, five of which contain different suits of playing cards including the joker, and the other two sections contain rectangles. There are many squiggly lines coming from the figure. There is a triangle containing an eye that is surrounded by flower shapes above the figure. A birdlike creature is behind the figure and the structure. To the left of the structure is a cube made of heart shapes. Beneath that, there is an upside-down canoe with another figure inside. Two paddles are above the canoe. To the right of the central figure is a box reading: "be a new man in just one week amazing psychic muscle building course: make new friends, hear more, see more, feel more. FREE just get involved." Beneath the box is a table with card suit symbols, two dice, and a can of worms.

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