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Untitled 1

Kosisochukwu Nnebe

MEDIUM Poplar wood, mirror, print on matte paper
DATE 2017
DIMENSIONS 78.74cm x 63.5cm x 10.16cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: purchased with the generous support of Mark Schaan, with additional support from a community of queers, lovers and friends, in honour of his 42nd Birthday, 2021
A mixed media print that, when viewed from an angle on either side, portrays a figure sitting on a gray chair holding a hand mirror aloft. The figure has dark hair styled on top of their head. A blue clothing piece is falling off their shoulders and draped around their back. The figure's face is visible in the hand mirror. When the work is viewed from straight on, the print is not visible and it is a mirror with wooden slats running vertically across it.

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