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Water Games: Early Morning (Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris)

Jennifer Dickson

BIRTH PLACE Piet Retief, South Africa
MEDIUM Archival inkjet and watercolour prints on paper
DATE 2013
DIMENSIONS 59.7cm x 50.2cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: Gift of the artist / Don de l’artiste, 2021
Image shows a scene of a garden area with a fountain with statuary on the left and a seating area near what appears to be a large pathway on the right. The image shows a lot of statues including some jug planters with flowers growing out of them and two alcoves seen on the left side with a statue in each of them of human figures. Below these statues is the fountain. The seating area along the right side has several small wooden or metal chairs facing the fountain and the large pathway has what appears to be fog above the pathway with some bushes behind the pathway.

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