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Water Games: Water and Light (Parque De La Ciudadela, Barcelona)

Jennifer Dickson

BIRTH PLACE Piet Retief, South Africa
MEDIUM Archival inkjet and watercolour prints on paper
DATE 2013
DIMENSIONS 45.1cm x 57.1cm
CREDIT LINE Collection of the Ottawa Art Gallery: Gift of the artist / Don de l’artiste, 2021
Image shows a flowing fountain with some statues decorating the area. Fountain is seen from the side and the fountain has a seated figure of a human at the top with some round objects next to them. The water is pouring from the bottom of the seated figure and is flowing behind some hedges and statues of two horse figures rearing and front hooves visible. In the foreground there is another stone statue planter. The background shows a tree line and some steps leading to the left side of the image.

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