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Cara Tierney

MEDIUM Aluminum and LED lights
DATE 2019
DIMENSIONS 518.16cm x 518.16cm x 60.96cm
CREDIT LINE The Ottawa Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors for their contributions towards the acquisition of this important piece: Francois Auclair, Alexandra and Armin Badzak, Kathy Bergquist, Charlie Blumel, Richard Borbridge, Mathieu Bouchard, Marianne Brown, Mike Bulthuis, Jennifer & Amaya Cavanagh Robern, J Clark, Kip and Jill Cobbett, Penny Cousineau-Levine, Chantal Dahan, Tim Desclouds, Rell DeShaw, Deborah Duffy, Kristin Fardy, Erin Galt, Brian Gibson, Lorraine Gilbert, Chris Gilbreth, Ashley Grenstone, Marguerite Hanna, Kate Higginson, Katie Hoffman, Peter Honeywell, Chris Cowperthwaite & Theo Hug, Nigel Desouza & David Jalbert, Taline Jirian, Barbara Kaye, Andrew Kellie, Jennifer Macklem, Chloë MacLeod-Boucher, Shanley and Andrew Matthews, Victor Duret & Hilary McCormack, Kiavash Najafi, Glenn Nuotio & Niall O'Dea, Caitlyn Pascal, John-David (JD) Powell, Anne Cobbett & Sean Richmond, Mark Schaan, Katie Sheehan, M Southwood, Mike Bulthuis & Mike Steinhauer, Norman and Marion Takeuchi, Jeannie Thomas, The Hunter Thompson Family, Robert Tritt, Barbara Uteck, Stefani Truant & Gabor Vida.
Large metal sculpture spelling out the word "they" with patterned metal as the base of the letters and raised metal borders around the letters. The backs of each letter also have lighting that illuminates the wall the artwork would be mounted to.

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