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Adrian Göllner: Win Win

Texts by Emily Falvey and Ray Cronin


Published in conjunction with an exhibition of Göllner’s work held at the OAG in 2007, this exhibition catalogue explores how Göllner’s artistic practice shrewdly satirizes the perverse relationship between autonomous art as exemplified by abstraction, and the socially dependent arts of design, advertising and propaganda. Texts by curator Emily Falvey, and Ray Cronin provide insight into Göllner’s oeuvre which is comprised of a unique and clever combination of humour, modernist aesthetics, pop culture, and political satire. 

Published Year: 2007
Additional Information:

48 pp; softcover
19 col.; ill. 8 x 8 in

Cost: $20.00
This publication is available for purchase in the OAG shop.

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