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Oh So Iroquois

Texts by Ryan Rice, Sue Ellen Herne, Lynn Hill, Colette Lemmon, Rick Monture, Stephanie Phillips, and Audra Simpson


Published in English, French, and Mohawk, this exhibition catalogue features the work of two dozen artists who belong to the Iroquois Confederacy and examine this collective history, including Shelley Niro, Greg Staats and Jeff Thomas. Accompanying a group exhibition of the same name held by the OAG in 2008, this publication includes original essays that explore the dynamism of both traditional and contemporary Iroquoian creative processes. By presenting a broad range of art situated in relation to an Iroquois world-view, the project aims to challenge the long-standing pan-Indian classification of Native North American art. 

Published Year: 2008
Additional Information:

140 pp; hardcover
Col. ill.; 8 x 10 in

This publication is no longer in print, but please contact us for reference access.

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