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Shapes in Between: Norman Takeuchi - A Retrospective

Texts by Alexandra Badzak, Frances Itani, Bryce Kanbara, Sachiko Okuda, Catherine Sinclair, and graphic art by David Collier

This publication accompanies Shapes in Between: Norman Takeuchi – A Retrospective, an exhibition that highlights the work of Ottawa-based artist Norman Takeuchi. It includes images of an array of drawings, paintings, and prints spanning the years 1961 to 2022.  The works demonstrate the continuity of his artistic rigour, and his personal engagement with the impact of the Japanese Canadian internment and forced dispersal during World War II. Contributing authors, and graphic novelist David Collier, help readers gain an understanding of Takeuchi’s artistic practice, life story, and relationship to both Canadian and international art scenes. This publication reveals decades of work that not only demonstrates the result of a skilled and unique artistic practice, but also the artist’s increasingly honest understanding of his own past, and embracing the collective legacy of his community.

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Published Year: 2023
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160 pp; hardcover 
Col. ill., 8 x 10 in  

Cost: $55
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