The Life of a Building, Greta Grip and Lee Jones

Gathering data from OAG visitor interactions —on our website (click "Knit it!" below) and onsite in the building itself — this machine is knitting a tactile visualization of ongoing visitor statistics. Watch your stitch live on YouTube below!

We live in a world in which data mining is a hidden practice, and the digital traces we leave behind are collected and used without our knowledge. By contrast, this machine is transparent in its conversion of selected data into something tactile: a graphic spectrum of colour, and the tangible result of our collective interaction, growing before our eyes.

Linked to digital platforms and sensors in the Gallery, the machine responds to visitors with a knitted full circular row. Growing longer, and piling up as each interaction is documented, the knitted creation will be a record of OAG activity over the course of one year, represented by a distinct colour each month.

Wooden structure, metal, 3D printed material, lasercut Plexiglas, needles, custom-made software, electronics,
wool, and sensors
Commissioned by the Ottawa Art Gallery, 2021
Courtesy of the artists
Based on the open source Knitic machine developed by artist duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet.