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Chaos Bloom – Tidal Wave


June 6, 2024
 - June 6, 2026

In the digital realm, EEPMON merges code and creativity, crafting intricate compositions exploring the micro and macro. This work, Chaos Bloom - Tidal Wave, delves into the beauty of flowers and their Fibonacci connections, as well as cosmic fascination and intertwining Earth and lunar rhythms. It’s a meditation on nature’s complexity and invites an exploration of digital code and pattern. Each stroke merges floral grace with a cosmic dance. Witness the convergence of art and science, where flowers reveal mathematical poetry and the tidal wave invites contemplation on interconnectedness and the harmonious chaos of the cosmos. Engage with this mural to transcend digital boundaries, pondering the wonders of existence. 

Eric Chan, a.k.a. EEPMON, is a digital artist, and creative entrepreneur. His work spans multinational brands like Canada Goose and Marvel. EEPMON represented Canada in the Minister-led Trade Mission to Japan in 2023 and was a Canadian Museums Association board member. He advocates for STEAM, leading successful ventures internationally and pioneering in Web3 and NFT creations. EEPMON is a nationally recognized Library and Archives Canada Scholar Awards laureate. 

Commissioned by the Ottawa Art Gallery in partnership with MASSIVart. 

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