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Industrial Geometry

June 9, 2022
 - July 24, 2022

Galerie Annexe

Tiffany April, Anne Barkley, Chris Barnabe, A.M. Benz, MaryAnn Camps, Aimée Campeau, Zoe Cheung, Joyce Crago, Cairn Cunnane, Gary Franks, John Healey, Marcia Lea, Lauren Mercer-Smail, Patricia Morris, Eryn O’Neill, Simon Petepiece, Charles Ponée, Benjamin Rodger, Komi Seshie, Paul Sharp, Roger Sutcliffe, Louis Thériault, Lori Victor, and Tim Watts.

Architectural forms, industrial materials, geometric abstraction, and scenes of the industrial and geometric taking shape in the cityscape appear in the artwork in this exhibition. The artists make use of a wide array of materials to explore geometry, line, angular forms, and in some cases their relationship with colour, tactility, or even storytelling.

Take in the juxtapositions of texture and form by local artists taking inspiration from their own interactions with the industrial, the geometric, and the everyday.

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