February 22, 2022
 - April 17, 2022

Galerie Annexe

Adrian Baker, Evergon, Juliana McDonald, Peter Hoffer, Valerie Ryan, Barbara Gamble, Clare Brebner, Denise Guillemette, Denis Larouche, Elbert Laroc, Eric Walker, Erin Robertson, Georges Robert, John Barkley, Karen Bell, Karen Whyte, Kat Jetté, Kenneth Lochhead, Lynne Morin, Manon Labrosse, Margaret Chwialkowska, Norman Takeuchi, Patricia Morris, Pina Manoni-Rennick, Ryan Hill, S. Maria Brandt, Sharon Lafferty, Stephanie Wellman, Tiffany April, Tim Watts, Uta Riccius, and Yuliya Chernyshova.

Whether through an abstract glimpse, or a soft study of a familiar landscape, artists in this exhibition capture the range of emotions evoked by the nature that surrounds us. Tranquility and serene depth envelop some scenes, while vibrant hues and tactile surfaces summon lively rhythm in others.

Explore the variety of expressions of landscape, bodies of water, and flora through a selection of work by local artists taking inspiration from their own connection to the natural world.

Yuliya Chernyshova, Sounds of the Summer, 2019, pastel on Pastelmat, 83.82 x 68.58 cm

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