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A new Tangled Garden on the walls at The Royal 

December 11, 2023

From left to right: Michael Davidge, Manager of Learning and Engagement (OAG), Alexis Boyle, former Curator, Community Access (OAG), Dale Patterson, Recreation Therapist (The Royal Mental Health Centre) Photo: Lydia Blanchard 

On Wednesday, November 29th, we officially unveiled the mural Tangled Garden at The Royal Mental Health Centre!   

Tangled Garden is the second mural created in partnership between The Royal and the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG). These two organizations have been collaborating on the successful art and wellness studio program Creative Space since 2016. In this program, Royal outpatients attend weekly workshops both in the OAG Studio and virtually, supported by OAG’s Curator, Community Access and Royal Recreation and Occupational Therapists who support their client’s community integration.   

In this mural project, a revolving group of artistically curious and talented Royal clients met weekly and designed the imagery for this large-scale painting. The life cycle and health of a garden is determined by events and circumstances; Insects, humans, birds, and weather are just a few actors in a garden’s well-being. Relationships and environments influence a garden’s health, much like our own health. Created between June and October 2023, this mural celebrates creativity and a connection to nature for all who work and heal within these walls.  

Participating Artists: Gracie, Emma, Patrick, Jordan, Katherine, Leban, Katie, Hannah, Ryan, Rhonda, Nathalie, Julie, Laura, Madison, Emily, Jason, Dean, Henoch, Trista, Ari, Madison, Kiona, Lindesay, Nate, Graham, Tyne, Michael, Olivia, Mike, Shane, Amy, Brandi, Matthew, Adam, Mikayla, Wynter, David, Maxim, Cassandra  

Royal Staff: Dale, Suzanne, Erica, Elissa, Louise, Jessica, Vasilis, Ashley, Marian, Emmanuel   

OAG Staff: Alexis


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