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Data Shy to Data Driven

July 28, 2021

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the OAG participated in a Galeries Ontario/Ontario Galleries (GOG) research project Data Shy to Data Driven. Along with eight other public galleries, the program was designed to help us further our role as a data driven organizations in terms of our collections, retail, audiences, accounts, operations, memberships, web traffic, volunteers and staff. Understanding the data has helped us to identify the ways in which we can evolve and adapt, and embrace meaningful and sustained change in our sector.

As part of this process, Catherine Sinclair, OAG’s Deputy Director, Chief Curator contributed to “A Speculative Future,” a series led by GOG, in partnership with Akimbo. For this series, Akimbo asked the curators of eight public museums and art galleries to speculate about their future through an access driven, anti-racist and anti-colonial lens. Click here to read and listen to Sinclair’s response, in which she highlights the introspective, collaborative and consultative work the OAG is doing to contribute to an equitable programming future in our gallery and for our region.


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