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acquisition Proposals

The OAG is a collecting institution that actively increases the holdings of our of Permanent Collection and maintains the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art.

Acquisition proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Due to administrative procedures, the process can be lengthy and the acquisition schedule is booked at least two years in advance.

The Curators and the Director and CEO, will take into consideration the quality and significance of works with OAG’s mandate, Collection Policy and Permanent Collection in mind.

If the proposed work fits this criteria, the Donor will be contacted, and it will be presented to our Acquisition’s Committee.


The OAG provides a Charitable Tax Receipt for the fair market value of the donation, and in some cases a Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board certification.

All costs associated with a donation, including appraisal fees, documentation and shipping are to be borne by the donor in exchange for a tax receipt.

The OAG will coordinate the paperwork and seek the evaluation of an accredited appraiser (if the value of the donation is greater than $50,000, two appraisals are sought).

Should the donor decide that the value is unacceptable, they reserve the right to request another appraisal, but must also bear the cost of this new appraisal.


OAG’s purchase program is invitational, but the Gallery also accepts purchase proposals on an ongoing basis.

Priority is given to artists based in Ottawa, Gatineau and environs, and works which adhere to OAG’s mandate.

In order to be reviewed, acquisition proposals must include all mandatory fields, and be submitted electronically using the following form: 

Submission Guidelines:

 For artwork submissions to our commercial gallery, Galerie Annexe, please click here.

Acquisition Proposal

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