Light House [Le phare]

Robert Harris

Date de naissance 1849
Lieu de naissance Tyn-y-Groes, Wales
Date du décès 1919
Lieu du décès Montreal, Quebec

Do you enjoy autumn’s turbulent weather? Here, artist Robert Harris conjures a stormy shoreline scene in this atmospheric oil work from the late 19th century. Born in 1849, Harris emigrated from Wales to Prince Edward Island with his family as a child and later received his artistic training in London, England. Upon returning to Canada, Harris established a career painting portraits of politicians and other leading members of society. Despite his success in portraiture, Harris was continually drawn to the beauty of the Canadian landscape. This work is one example of the many Impressionistic landscapes he painted mainly for his own pleasure.

Technique Huile sur panneau de fibres
DATE v. 1880
DIMENSIONS 22.2cm x 15.9cm x 1.9cm
Numéro d'acquisition FAC 0411
Détails Collection Firestone d’art canadien, Galerie d’art d’Ottawa Don de la Fondation du patrimoine ontarien à la ville d’Ottawa
Description du catalogue
A lighthouse situated amongst a dark and stormy shoreline. An atmospheric blue and white sky looms above. A ship is at the shore behind the lighthouse, as well as a large, pale building with a set of wide stairs leading up to it.

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