Baie St Paul (r); Baie St Paul (v)

A. Y. Jackson

Date de naissance 1882
Lieu de naissance Montreal, Quebec
Date du décès 1974
Lieu du décès Kleinburg, Ontario
Technique Mine de plomb sur papier
DATE 1931 (r); s.d. (v)
DIMENSIONS 27.9cm x 21.9cm
Numéro d'acquisition FAC 0574
Détails Collection Firestone d’art canadien, Galerie d’art d’Ottawa Don de la Fondation du patrimoine ontarien à la ville d’Ottawa
Description du catalogue
(Recto) A sketch of a two-storey house with a flat roof at the centre of the image, set against a mountain range in the background. In front of the house, laundry hangs on a clothesline and in front of that, lumber is stacked in the foreground. There are other buildings to the left of the house and a tall pole to the right. (Verso) Two tall ships along a shore, with a body of water and a mountain range in the background. The central ship has a single mast and is drawn in profile. The second ship, on the left, has two masts and is viewed from the stern. There is a small open boat between them.

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