Evergreen [Conifère]

Kazuo Nakamura

Date de naissance 1926
Lieu de naissance Vancouver, British Columbia
Date du décès 2002
Lieu du décès Toronto, Ontario

Gaze into the dense forest of Kazuo Nakamura’s Evergreen. What do you see? Born in Vancouver, Nakamura later became a founding member of the Toronto-based abstract artists’ group Painters Eleven, which was active between 1953 and 1960. The repetitious strokes of blues and greens in this stylized landscape are evocative of Nakamura’s interest in the underlying patterns found in both art and nature, which would later lead to his turn towards grid paintings and use of number patterns.

Technique Huile sur aggloméré
DATE 1958
DIMENSIONS 61cm x 48.3cm x 0.6cm
Numéro d'acquisition FAC 1035
Détails Collection Firestone d’art canadien, Galerie d’art d’Ottawa Don de la Fondation du patrimoine ontarien à la ville d’Ottawa
Description du catalogue
Various shades of blues and greens are used to paint a dense grouping of stylized trees with the foliage represented in wide, horizontal brushstrokes of colour. Thin, angular, black lines are used to represent the branches. A blue sky is painted in the upper portion of the image, behind the dark tree tops.

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