Sunset over Lake Rosseau

L.A.C. Panton

Date de naissance 1894
Lieu de naissance Cheshire, England
Date du décès 1954
Lieu du décès Toronto, Ontario

With warm colors, visible brushstrokes, and simplified form, luminosity becomes the central focus of this oil painting by L.A.C Panton that depicts a sunset over Lake Rousseau in Ontario. While Panton’s subjects included figure studies and residential scenes, landscape painting was where he shone. Born in England, Panton moved to Canada in 1911 and began his career as an artist in Toronto. He was the principal of the Ontario College of Arts (now OCAD) from 1951 until his death in 1954.

Technique Huile sur panneau
DATE v. 1926
DIMENSIONS 27.9cm x 22.9cm x 0.3cm
Numéro d'acquisition FAC 1056
Détails Collection Firestone d’art canadien, Galerie d’art d’Ottawa Don de la Fondation du patrimoine ontarien à la ville d’Ottawa
Description du catalogue
A painting with a lake and dark, distant mountains on the far shore in the bottom quarter of the image and a vast, sunset sky painted in the upper three-quarters. The sky is filled with clouds in pastel hues of mauve, pink, cream and blue.

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