Incident Comax #2 [Incident Comax no 2]

Gordon Webber

Date de naissance 1909
Lieu de naissance Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario
Date du décès 1965
Lieu du décès Montreal, Quebec

Take a minute to look at this abstract work by Gordon Webber. What do you see in these lines and geometric shapes floating in a textured background of blues and greys? A purely abstract image or the suggestion of a landscape? A prolific teacher and member of the Canadian Group of Painters, Webber was influenced by Bauhaus design and began teaching at McGill University and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the 1940s. While his work includes dynamic figurative landscapes and portraiture, Webber was also well known for his work in geometric abstraction and longstanding interest in the avant-garde.

Technique Huile et mine de plomb sur aggloméré
DATE 1959
DIMENSIONS 80.3cm x 54.9cm x 0.3cm
Numéro d'acquisition FAC 1191
Détails Collection Firestone d’art canadien, Galerie d’art d’Ottawa Don de la Fondation du patrimoine ontarien à la ville d’Ottawa
Description du catalogue
An abstract image depicts a blue and white background painted with sweeping horizontal strokes, a small blue-grey dot on the right at the middle of the painting and to the left of that, a series of thin vertical lines of varying length. There is a long, thin cloud-like image across the upper portion of the painting, behind the lines and above the dot.

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